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What is the advantage of having two photographers on the day?


There are many advantages.  At the beginning of the day (time allowing) we can cover both the bride and groom's preparations.  At the ceremony we can be more discrete and move around very little as we have two vantage points covered. We can capture many more candid moments - especially the fabulous 'outtakes' in between the not-so-formal group shots.  Finally, it means we are even better prepared for all eventualities.

What happens in an engagement session?


The engagement session allows us the opportunity to get to know each other, experience how I work, understand your style, your best side and what you love about each other.  The couples that have an engagement session are much more relaxed on their day as they have learnt the tips and tricks of posing!  

- So it is not essential, but I would highly recommend it.  If you are trying to decide between photographers, it can be a way to help you make such a decision, and come out with some beautiful images to use for Save the Date cards or to display on your wall.

How do you handle surprises like the weather?


We are not phased by much - and certainly not the rain!  Through experience, a very large white umbrella is a standard part of our kit.  Rain actually can provide the perfect opportunity for some more creative shots - trust us.  We also come mentally prepared knowing where we would take group shots and what lighting we would use.
Relax, we've got it covered.

Our wedding is not in Essex, can you still cover it?


Absolutely.  Last year I covered London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Wales and Scotland.  I will go anywhere you want to take me!  If the wedding is further than 30 miles away I will require minimal travel expenses and may need accommodation for destinations over 60 miles away.  This will be clarified at the preconsultation session.

Can we book you, and adjust it later?


Yes of course.  I will be understanding if you want to make sure you book your date in with me.  You might not be sure for instance if you want an album at this point.  Rest assured you can add to your package in the run up to the wedding.  Just bear in mind my higher packages involve more prep on my part, so it's best to decide and give me as much notice as possible.

Is there anything we need to do in the run up to the wedding?


The more I can absorb who you are, the better I can interpret your story.  This may mean sharing your Pinterest boards with me, or emailing your ideas, letting me know which suppliers you are going with and any tiny insignificant details you can think of.  The truth is, anything you have put time into sourcing and planning is important enough to be a part of the story.

If you are having a pre wedding shoot, this is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other.

We want to book you, what should we do now?


The first thing is to book in a preconsultation.  Finding the right photographer is not just about finding photos you like.  We need to meet and we need to decide together whether I am the right fit for you.  Give me a call or send me a message and we can arrange a convenient time.  We can chat over coffee about what your plans are (I will also bring some albums in case you would like to have a look) and decide what will suit you best.

You put a lot of time into one wedding, how many do you cover?

I dedicate enough time to each wedding to make sure the images convey as perfectly as possible 1) who you are
2) your best side 3) what is important to you 4) what makes you unique.  I usually visit the venue first, speak to some of the suppliers, plan particular images and learn as much about you as I can.  Because of this, I take a limited number of weddings per year, so you may need to book early.  If I am not able to cover your wedding I will tell you as soon as possible and I will recommend someone I think would do your wedding justice.

How can we pay for our booking?


So long as there is a deposit (£300) and a final payment which happens 30 days before your wedding, I do not mind what happens in between.  We can arrange a payment plan, or your guests can purchase credit towards your package if they wish.  You can also add extras after the wedding date if you like.  This can all be discussed in the preconsultation.

Why is wedding photography so expensive?


It is tempting and common to think that wedding photographers just turn up on the day, go home and then deliver your images a number of weeks later depending how busy they are.  Well, wedding photographers span the spectrum from very cheap to very expensive.  I decided long ago that if I were to do a job I would do it wholeheartedly.  That is - the time intensive way!


Long before we even meet, I am researching the latest techniques, equipment and products - I take particular care to provide long lasting albums and prints.  A few recommendations, wedding fairs or magazine articles later, you contact me and arrange to have a pre-consult.  Then from the moment I take your booking, I am thinking about you and your wedding.  As soon as you give me any updates, I continue planning for you.  I make sure I have both myself and my second shooter booked in and that my insurance is in place.  I start planning your engagement shoot, book it in, do the session, select the best images, edit them, deliver them.  I take note of the most flattering angles, ideas that worked and things you especially liked.  Then continues the preparation for your wedding.  
On the day, I arrive on time and leave late.  I get home, try to resist looking at the images till morning, download them, filter out any rejects.  This is where the real work starts!  I make sure they are all colour balanced, edit them (colour conversions, crops, covering tiny blemishes if necessary), upload and deliver for proofing.  If I am creating your album, I will use Photoshop and other software to go into finer detail - smoothing skin, artistic crops, arranging and designing the album.  I make it my job to ensure that you receive the nicest photos of yourself you have ever had!



You spend a lot of time editing... can we pay for less?


If by 'editing' you mean perfecting your photos... the answer is no I'm afraid.  

I believe you should look your best - just like you, but the best 'you' you can be!  Many things can be sorted out in camera - for instance posing you in the best way possible, but there are a large portion of moments that are 'reportage' style, which means they were caught as they happened.  I spend time reducing distractions so that your eye is drawn through the story of the image.  I also treat some of the images depending on your taste - vintage, fresh, grainy, artistic, a twist on B&W etc. This is part of the package and to ask me to reduce that would be as unfair as asking your hairdresser 'just cut one side'. 


Do you have some complete weddings we can see?


Yes of course.  I have covered a whole range of weddings so I will try to show you the most appropriate example..  If a photographer cannot show you an album from a whole wedding it will be hard to make the decision with the uncertainty of knowing what you will get.  Although many of my weddings have been dvd only, I have a stunning collection of wedding albums for you to see.  You can see, hear and smell the quality - I'll explain that when we meet!

What happens if your camera equipment fails?

I always have backup equipment with me.  I nearly always have a second shooter as well so we will have 3 - 5 cameras between us.  I have numerous lenses which gives me plenty of options sholud one fail... and yes I have insurance should anything go wrong.

We've decided to book, what happens next?

Fantastic!  If you have NOT had a preconsultation with me, please use the CONTACT page to arrange that.

If you have already had your preconsultation, we will go through a couple of forms to make sure everything is clear from both sides.  I will need a booking fee from you for £300.  This is non-refundable as it reserves the date and covers costs running up to the wedding.  In exceptional circumstances, and at my discretion, this may be refunded.













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