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Booking Your Session


The best time to book your session is actually during your pregnancy.  That way I can ensure I keep enough space in the diary to accommodate your little arrival.


A mini session can be done any day from birth - we will arrange it for when you and baby are a little settled after arriving home.

The ideal time for a full session is 6-12 days when your baby has developed their feeding habits, but is still nice and sleepy and flexible.   If you have missed this timing don't worry! - we can still do a session.


Plan to tell me when you have had the baby so I can ensure I have a day available for you.  We will then find the best day and time for your session.  Session start times are usually between 9.30 and 11.30am to coincide with baby's biggest nap although other times are available.


You can get in touch for more details through my contact page, or call now to book your session 07748 90331

Newborn Session Investment 


Please contact me to discuss your session and I can send you a full price list.

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