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Commissioned Client Work


I charge £150 for the first hour for photography commissions.  Subsequent hours are £75 per hour.  This includes initial editing and delivery of all the best photos. Please use my contact page to book a consultation and quote.

A little bit about my clients and the photography required to meet their needs
Flowers and Home Gifts
- Jasmine Bleu 

Jasmine Bleu is a beautiful flower shop on Wilson's corner in Brentwood.  The owner Lisa, is really friendly and has an eye for what looks good - shabby chic or French vintage, call it what you will.  They make beautiful flower arrangements and posies for all occasions. They also stock all kinds of beautiful gifts - like these little wax cupcakes (don't eat them!), picture frames, cards etc.  


My verdict - Well worth a visit especially for some great presents.  Lisa will help you choose a perfect gift for some lucky person!



"We love the photos - they are exactly what we were looking for, thank you so much!"

Fat Burning Book Launch
- Shulagh Jacobs

At the launch of this brand new book, Shulagh took the time to explain to an engaged audience some of the secrets of fat burning;  focussing on restoring optimum health and revitlalising energy levels.


My verdict - I was impressed by the number of loyal followers Shulagh has, and the volume of clients who are now happy customers.  Shulagh's methods have been 'tried and tested', proving great results!

"I was delighted with your professional service, creative flair and attention to detail. The finished photos were excellent and I will definitely hire you for future projects!"

Elemental Health Studio Launch
- Shulagh Jacobs


Elemental Health Studio is a new facility located in Brentwood where people can experience a completely different strategy for resolving their musculo-skeletal pain issues.

The studio launch was celebrated by a number of health and fitness professionals in the locality.


My verdict - Shulagh is really approachable with a huge range of knowledge.  She is genuinely concerned with helping people out of their pain where all other methods fail. 

"Thank you very much for your help on the perfector project, I found working with you very pleasant and easy.  Your photos were excellent as was your level of service. You interpreted the brief perfectly.  
I will recommend you to my colleagues!

Golf Swing Perfector

The golf swing perfector is a patented device which allows professionals, coaches and enthusiasts to analyse and improve their angle of swing in order to develop the perfect shot.  A number of angles were required to show the beauty of this design.


My verdict - The creator has put a great amount of time into perfecting The Perfector! each component that makes up the Perfector has been designed with the utmost care to produce something that truly looks and feels beautiful even to a non-golfer!

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