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Session Investment 


When I was younger, I desperately avoided the camera.  I looked awkward in photos, and didn't like seeing that side of me.  But through my journey in photography I have accepted the fact that I am loved no matter what, and my family will one day want to see photos of me - as I am today.  

Yet even now, I am rarely in photos (like many of you, I bet)... and if I do make it in them, it's generally a quick snap with my children, but without my husband (who will be holding the camera)!  Getting all of us together at the same time and looking reasonably presentable just doesn't happen.

Did you know that looking at photos of you with your family feeds your sense of security?  Imagine how it affects your children.

This is why my sessions tend to be centred around women - Mums, daughters, girls, young ladies, because we all need time to reconnect with who we are, understand what makes us beautiful and have the confidence that we are loved NOW - as US (not after we've lost that 10lbs or so).  
That realisation is a gift that can change everything and it is my privilege to pass that gift on.  In your session we create gorgeous images that prove to you:

1)  you are PRECIOUS and BEAUTIFUL

2)  there are sides of you you may never have seen

3)  you can achieve a balance in strength and vulnerability that will give you a new sense of confidence


After your session I will edit your images and invite you back for your viewing.  There is no hard sell.  Ever.  You decide what you want and only what you want.  It is my job to make every image a keeper and your job to resist.  Clients can expect to go home with mounted, frame ready images, and may spend upwards of £600 at their viewing session. 


Please contact me to discuss whether a session would be helpful to you.

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