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Newborn Session Investment 


I offer two types of Newborn session.  STUDIO NEWBORN SESSION (in my studio) or NEW ARRIVAL SESSION (at your home).

The studio session offers more posed images and a more polished look.  

The new arrival session will include more environmental images

- refer to the FAQ at the bottom of this page for more details.


Whichever you choose, you can book from the following packages (or upgrade at the proofing session).

Each package includes a pre-consultation (by phone or in person), preparation, time and talent for

the session itself and the follow up proofing consultation as well as equipment and insurance coverage.  

£200 is taken at the time of booking and is deductable from the following:





Session with PRINTS 

1.  Including 5 images as 7"x5" or 8"x6" prints - £300

2.  Including 10 images as 7"x5" or 8"x6" prints - £500




Session with IMAGE BOX and prints  

Made in Italy, this bespoke keepsake box will hold your mounted images

Choose from a variety of material covers including leather and linen

Includes an easel to display images on your mantelpiece

and a 7"x5" print of each chosen image


3.  Small (10 images 8"x6") - £525

4.  Large (20 images 11"x8") - £850




Session with a BOOK OF MEMORIES and prints

These personalised memory books can be displayed on your coffee table, or kept for a special birthday

Includes a 7"x5" print of each chosen image


5.  Small (10"x8" with up to 10 images) - £575

6.  Standard (10"x8" with up to 15 images) - £750






Available ADD-ONS:

Fine Art wall prints - from £275

Add digitals to chosen package (print release up to 10"x8") - £250  

Digitals of full gallery (print release up to 35"x20") - £500

Maternity session with 8 prints - £100





When should I book my session?



The best time to book your session is during your pregnancy.  The ideal time for a Studio session is 6-12 days when your baby has developed their feeding habits, but is still nice and sleepy and flexible.  I can do a New Arrival session any day once you and baby are slightly settled.  

Plan to tell me when you have had the baby so I can ensure I have a day available for you.  We will then find the best day and time for your session.  I tend to book session start times between 9.30 and 11.30am to coincide with baby's biggest nap although other times are available.

Should I book a 'Studio' or 'New Arrival' session?


The session price is the same, but the output will be quite different.  I can create albums or wall art from either session - it will be the look and feel of the images that is determined by the location.



This session is baby-led ideally around nap time, with plenty of time for feeds, changes and comforting.  I will capture the features of your sweet bundle, and show the bond that forms in such a short time.  It is my aim to create at least one 'fine art' piece from each session - an image that is unique, serene and special to you - one that would be best displayed on the wall.  I will also use my props and blankets to show the cuteness of your baby and how small and cuddly they are in those first few weeks.

It is up to you, but I strongly encourage parents to be involved in some of the images.



These sessions are held at your home with as little disturbance as possible to your routine.  The aim is to capture the interactions between the family and record memories in the baby's first home.  I will capture your emotions, baby's features, perhaps any visitors, meaningful things that I see whilst I'm there - anything that shows how important this baby is to you.  I aim to create memories for you and your child to treasure and talk about for years to come.


We can discuss which would suit you best in a preconsultation if you are still not sure!

Digitals, albums, prints or wall art?


I'm a great believer in having something on your wall that cheers you up every day.  Whether it be a reminder of how sweet your child is (some of the time) or how you have changed.  For that reason, I encourage you to get your images printed in some way shape or form.  I can show you examples of each, either in the preconsultation or at the session itself. 

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