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Portrait Agreement, Studio Policies & Liability Release

Your session investment includes:

Pre-portrait consultation to set expectations, develop ideas and ensure a successful session.

Up to 2 hours coverage for a Newborn session (session may last longer due to feeding and

comforting). Up to 50 mins coverage for a non-newborn session (session may last longer due to

changing locations or wardrobe changes).

Preparation of session images for viewing appointment.

In-person viewing appointment.

Portrait Studio Policies

Please sign here, or electronically sign on the session questionnaire to acknowledge that you have

read and agree to the policies laid out in this document.

› I have read and received a copy of your studio policies

(made available via the electronic questionnaire or website)

Usage of Images

Anna Marie Cooper is a photographer and artist. As such, she requests that the images she creates

may be included in art exhibits, studio displays, print competitions and other places to showcase her


The privacy of families is maintained as all names are kept confidential when using images in

marketing and advertising.

› I agree that Anna Marie Cooper may use any images created during my commissioned

session for display, advertisements, exhibits, online presence (blog, website) or other use as

deemed appropriate by Photography by Anna Marie. I agree these images may be used

without additional compensation.

If under 18, we require a parent or legal guardian to sign.

Name: .........................................................................................................................

Signed: .......................................................................... Date: ..........................

Studio Policies & Terms

The session fee of £200 includes a pre-consultation (by phone or in person), preparation, time

and talent for the session itself and the follow up viewing consultation as well as equipment and

insurance coverage. It does not include any finished portraits. These can be pre-purchased in

the form of a package, or chosen and paid for at the viewing appointment. Session fees are nonrefundable.

In the case of an emergency, the session may be rescheduled by giving at least 48 hours


What if someone is ill for the session?

If your child or you are ill on the day of the session please give us as much notice as possible.

Diarrhoea and vomiting have a 48hr quarantine period. Please do not turn up for a session whilst in

quarantine as I must ensure Health and Safety at the studio including a germ-free zone for clients. If

your child seems ill at the session, we may ask you to reschedule as you will not get the best out of

your session.

Circumcision warning

If you are having a boy please DO NOT circumcise your child BEFORE your session. Your child will

need at least 6 days to recover from the procedure or he will be very uncomfortable and could bleed

in the session. We will not photograph your baby boy before he has fully recovered.

Who should be at the session?

Parents are welcome to come, but there will not be much extra space for extended family. Also,

it is important to have the full attention of the subjects without unnecessary distractions. We

recommend planning to do extended family images (if required) at a separate session, or at the

beginning or end by special arrangement. Extra subjects may incur a £15 charge per head.

Siblings will not be charged as extras, however we strongly recommend images with siblings first,

then allowing them to leave the studio. Please ask if you are unsure on this policy.

Mobile phones and cameras

Please restrict any use of your phone to a minimum. If you feel you must take a photograph please

clear it with me at the time. No personal cameras please. You will get the best out of your session if

you leave the photography up to us and enjoy the session.

Injury or damage

Every effort is made for you to enjoy a safe session and we try to foresee any potential hazards and

remove them. We also hold public liability insurance.

You agree to hold harmless Anna Marie Cooper, her representatives, employees and Photography

by Anna Marie from any dispute in the event you become injured during your session or whilst on

the studio premises. We will not be held liable for any injury incurred by you or your family, or any

damage to your property whilst at the studio premises.

In person viewing appointment

Please ensure the decision makers are present at this appointment as an additional appointment will

incur a £75 fee. Once your order is placed, your ordered digital images will be made available online

should you wish to order prints through our chosen print lab. Printing them will ensure professional

quality, long lasting and correct colour prints. You may share your gallery with whom you choose

so they may also purchase prints or products. Once you have given out the link and password we

cannot control the access except by changing the password.

How many images will be made available?

Many images will be taken at the session. Not all of those will be shown. Images where the subject

is not looking their best, or possible duplicates will be removed and deleted permanently prior to the

viewing appointment. You will be shown the best images chosen by Photography by Anna Marie. I

am a mother and look for the emotion as well as technique and style in an image. I will include all

images that I would want to see as a mother. You may choose from all the images you are shown at

the viewing.

Changing an order after the viewing appointment

We will begin work on your images the day after your viewing appointment, so any cancellation will

be subject to a 50% fee should you change your mind. Once an order is sent to the lab or digital files

delivered (electronically or by CD or USB), the order is non-refundable.

We accept cash, cheque, or online transfers. Payment plans are available on request.

Digital files and non-refundable products

Most clients invest in digital files, which will be delivered as soon as possible following your viewing

appointment. Due to the downloadable nature of files, once they have been delivered the agreed

sales are final and non-refundable.

How long does it take to receive an order?

Please allow up to 4 weeks for a completed order. Albums can take longer in the suppliers’ busy

seasons (August, September, November, December). Please remember that we take your order

very seriously – your portraits are an investment that will become an heirloom. Quality and

meticulousness take time. You will be notified when your portraits are ready for collection. If you

cannot collect, we can deliver them at an additional charge.

How long are digitals kept on file?

All ordered images are kept for at least 1 year. Other images are removed from our storage after 30

days except by special request. Any orders placed more than 60 days after your viewing session are

subject to a minimum order of £150.

Copyright and printing rights

The Copyright Act protects photographers by giving us the exclusive right to reproduce the images

created at Photography by Anna Marie. Violations include, but are not limited to, making illegal

copies, scanning, printing from home or downloading from our website, blog or FaceBook. It is

illegal to copy or reproduce these images in any manner without our permission and violations

will be challenged and may face criminal charges. These protections are in place so that the

photographer can ensure accuracy and quality in reprints, to maintain the reputation of the studio

and artist.

If you have purchased digitals, we encourage you to use a professional printing lab for high quality


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