10 Tips for a Hitch Free Wedding Day

It'll be the wedding of your dreams.  There are so many things to sort out.


venue, caterers, rings, dress, flowers, marriage licence, shoes,

  makeup artist, hair stylist, invites, confetti, bridesmaids, transport,

 photographer, jewellery, church minister, vows, videographer,

         speeches, best men, suits, wedding cake, band, wedding breakfast....


...But has anyone told you the little items that will help your day run without hitches? As they say, the devil is in the detail!  At weddings I expect the unexpected, and live with the motto "Always Be Prepared". So here is my list of essentials if I were to have my wedding all over again!




We all hope the sun will shine, but you should prepare for the worst.  I usually come armed with my pretty white Edwardian number in case the skies threaten, but it can also provide shade if the sun is beating down.

The good news is that umbrellas look great in photos! 






These little gems are reasonably cheap (I usually carry a set with me).  They are just cheeky chunks of silicon that come in different sizes and will save your precious heels from sinking into the mud.  I take more than one pair and tend to order online - try:

 http://ebay.eu/1cxrKPI   or   http://amzn.to/IRBfSo



No.3  -  TISSUES

TEARS - essential for every wedding!  If not in the ceremony, it's pretty much a given when you hear how proud your dad is of you (and hopefully, his new son in law).   


...To tell you the truth, I will probably cry too, though I will have my own set of tissues at the ready!




I know ladies don't sweat - but bear with me as some of us do 'glisten'.  If it's warm or not (remember you are in a wedding dress), you want to be able to glide down the aisle.  I have recommended talc before, but anti chafing cream, or deodorant will work as well.  A fellow photographer has shared her hilarious talc story here  in her blog.  (In fact, if you keep reading the article, she provides a number of other useful tips!) - Thanks to Vail Fucci for allowing me to link to it.




Give your camera to a friend - and make sure they send it with you on honeymoon.  You will love flicking through the photos on your way to a well earned break!  -  Don't forget to take spare memory cards, batteries and charger in your own luggage.


No.6  -  THE BRIDESMAIDS (the little ones)


As a mother of two precious children, I know the importance of catering for the little ones for everyone else's sanity.  It is a long day, they are expected to behave well and look sweet and sit through the reception angelically.  It helps if you have put together a special pouch of goodies and someone to take charge - colouring pencils, stickers, healthy snacks - raisins or fruit bars for instance, sweeties (not sticky ones), perhaps a lego model for the page boys? 
 After the ceremony, try to get all photos with the little (and elderly) ones done first so they can go and play.  



Spare lipstick and anti shine powder on hand - include a bleach pen or some chalk in case you get lipstick, foundation, or car oil on your dress!  

You could also keep a mini deodorant spray in there, or use a more permanent one in the morning such as Driclor which will keep you dry all day (please follow the instructions on the bottle). 




(or sheet with a hole in the centre)


It sounds bizarre, but if you would rather go into the ladies room without an entourage, then you will thank me for this tip.  Step into the hole, and gather your dress up by picking up the edges of the bag or sheet. You can then take a seat knowing that your dress will be preserved - as will your dignity!



Make sure you take sips of water all day - you really don't want to have a dehydration headache spoiling it.  The straw will save your makeup and hopefully you won't need the aspirin!




Those precious Jimmy Choos might not take you round the dance floor after a long day on your feet.  Think about saving them - and your feet - by trading them in for your most comfortable pair of shoes.  I've seen sandals, flip flops, bare feet, crocs and even wellies!